Can I install the ASCU by myself ?

Yes if you have experience in gearbox upgrades, and if you work carefully and follow exactly step by step the
instructions in the manual.

Is it possible for the user to program or change functions to the ASCU?

No, the ASCU has a patented software that is tuned to the best possible settings. The ASCU is designed to
make the AEG to perform as realistic as possible. Any change in the functions of the ASCU will take away from
the realism.

What kind of battery works best with the ASCU?

The kind of battery to be used depends from the power of the spring. However the better the output of the battery,
the faster the motor will spin and the better the trigger response is going to be. For hardcore upgrades with springs
above M130 to M170 we do recommend LiPo batteries for their high output.

What kind of motor works best with the ASCU?

The ASCU works with most of the AEG motors, but an AEG with installed ASCU will perform at it best with a real
High Torque motor with strong neodymium magnets. It is simple, the better the motor is, the better the AEG
will perform.It is important that the motor has strong magnets, because the stronger the magnets, the more effective
the active brake is going to be. And to stop the motor fast, it is as important for the fast trigger response,
as to spin it up fast in the start.

Does the ASCU increase the fps?

No, electronics, motors and batteries can't increase fps. The fps depends only from the power of the spring,
the tight air seal in cylinder-piston-hop-up group and the type of barrel.

Does the ASCU have a warranty?

Yes, the ASCU has a 1 year world wide warranty. And also extended 2 years warranty, which is valid
only if the ASCU has been installed by a approved by Airsoft Systems Ltd. Service, and the warranty card wears
the stamp of the service and the signature of the technician who installed the ASCU.

What should I do if I have a problem with my ASCU?

Contact Us at our e-mail with detailed description of the problem and your AEG set-up
(spring, motor, battery used). Then we will hep you solve the problem as fast as possible. If needed we will
replace your unit with a new one.

How long is the life of the ASCU?

We cannot actually give an exact answer to this question, but we can tell it like this. We have one of the first
prototypes made in 2008, that has been tested for 150 000 shots on a test platform and after that has been
installed into the rifle of one hardcore player, who has been playing with this rifle each god given Sunday from the
spring of 2008 and still plays with it, without any problems for the ASCU. The variant of the ASCU that is on sale
today is much more sophisticated and build with much better and expencive components. So if the ASCU is properly
installed and used without physicality damaging any of its components and wires, it will work properly, longer
that you will probably play airsoft.
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